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YouTube throttling?

DramseyDramsey Posts: 1  Junior Member
edited July 2018 in Questions
Since replacing my Netgear Nighthawk 8500 router with a pair of Zyxel Multys, I've had severe YouTube throttling problems. Videos will play for a few minutes, then hang, then resume with a much lower visual quality. The hangs are semi-random but will almost always occur on videos longer than a few minutes.

Since I have 100Mbps Charter Business service, I don't think it's my ISP.

Is there any sort of QoS setting in the Multy or anything I'm overlooking that could account for this?



  • KnockerKnocker Posts: 4  Junior Member
    What kind of client do you use to play the video? And did you connect to 2.4G or 5G?
    I see there is the new update v2.00(ABKJ.4)C0 ready, have you upgarde it?
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