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NAS326 setup slow copy speed from USB

blackmambahkblackmambahk Posts: 7  Junior Member
edited July 2018 in Questions
Just bought the NAS326 and installed a single 3TB drive and currently I am trying to copy in data from a 3TB drive that I previously had as an external USB NTFS drive on a Windows 10 PC.

Once this is done I will then add the older drive into the NAS.

So I plugged the drive in to the NAS USB port, an initial test copy from the file browser showed it worked but was slow and now I am copying the whole drive via the copy button it is running at a little bit less than 1TB per day and I am about 1 day in.

This seem really slow to me, is there a quicker way to get all the data from drive into the NAS with this setup




  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 572  Heroic Warrior Member
    1TB/day, is that 1TB/12h or 1TB/24h? In the latter case it's about 12MB/sec, so the first case is 24MB/sec. 24MB/sec is about the maximum you can expect from an USB2 disk.
    Is it an USB2 disk?

    NTFS is not the fastest filesystem for Linux. If you are copying a lot of small files, this can have a big impact.
    Generally spoken, when you have to copy a lot of data from an NTFS usb disk, the fastest way to copy is connecting the disk to a PC, and copy the files over network. (Assuming you have a cabled 1Gbit network.
    The most convenient way is the way you are doing it, but you should not be in a hurry.
  • blackmambahkblackmambahk Posts: 7  Junior Member
    1TB in 24h - The external drive is USB3.0 which is why I thought it was slow, also using the correct cable as the case uses a Type B connector.

    Guess will just have to wait another couple of days for it to finish :(

    Thanks anyway
  • blackmambahkblackmambahk Posts: 7  Junior Member
    One and a half days and reached half way!!
    One thing I have noticed is that the CPU is just pegged at 100% for the whole time not sure why copying files should be CPU intensive and I guess this is what is limiting the speed.
    So far it seems you get what you pay for with this NAS.
  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 572  Heroic Warrior Member
    What process is using the CPU? It could be that it's generating thumbnails, or something like that.
  • blackmambahkblackmambahk Posts: 7  Junior Member
    cp 16.67
    python 8.33
    kworker/u2:2 9.09
    python 8.33 (its in the list twice)

    nothing else in the list but UI shows 100% in chart and desktop
    I had disabled the Twonky Server for now and loaded the file to a new share hopefully to avoid any internal processing until later
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