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How to configure Qos in AMG1202-T10B

DrkSDrkS Posts: 3  Junior Member
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I need  some assistence  here , i'm a home user of a Zyxel router and  recentrly my kids obtain smarthones .. the thing is they play some games that  consumes literally all the conection of most of it , so i need to know how to configure my router to solve this , cuz we watch netflix or other stuff and it's imposible to watch anything when ther are playing ,can someone tellme if its posiible to limit the connection to my kid's device ?
PD:  sorry for my bad english  , but in my country or region there is no way to find some help



  • AAAALAAAAL Posts: 125  Warrior Member

    Hi DrkS,

    I think your request is very similar to the downlink QoS setting. But this is a little unreasonable requirement for router, it may need router to drop packets which it has already received. Feel apologetic, AMG1202-T10B doesn’t support this feature. But you can try the function “Parental Control” to limit some special devices internet access time.

  • DrkSDrkS Posts: 3  Junior Member
    Sorry for my mistake MY router is a AMG1202-T10A
  • DrkSDrkS Posts: 3  Junior Member
    edited June 2018
    this are my  router QoS settings , can anyone helpme to configure this  ???   i just want to limit the amount a bandwith that my kids  use
  • AAAALAAAAL Posts: 125  Warrior Member

    Hi DrkS,

    I want to check more detail about your AMG1202-T10A. May I know where are you located and how do you get this router ? Is it provided from your internet service provider ? And what is the firmware version your AMG1202-T10A using now ? 

    Please check firmware in GUI Maintenance -> Tools -> Firmware.

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