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Where is VMG4825-B10A firmware update?

EdwardEdward Posts: 1  Junior Member
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I recently bought this modem router when I switched internet providers. I take network security seriously and I was hoping to download the latest version of the firmware. I looked on the zyXEL website and my router isn't even listed. I'm not comfortable running and old version of firmware, since it's more prone to hacks and general attacks. Is this router/modem new and there isn't a firmware update for it yet?

If someone has the firmware update or knows the website link. Could you please post it here? I've looked all over the internet and read the manual. It doesn't say anything regarding where to find the update to firmware for my device. I really appreciate the help. Thank you!



  • SEJSEJ Posts: 44  Junior Member
    May I know which firmware version on your VMG4825?
  • hcshcs Posts: 1  Junior Member
    Same question.  My firmware version is V5.11(ABFT.1)C0
  • SEJSEJ Posts: 44  Junior Member
    I've checked that 5.11(ABFT.1)C0 is the latest official firmware for VMG4825 ABFT version.
    I also noticed that ABFT version seems a customized version for an ISP, not the normal retail version.
    If it is a customized version, you may need to check with your ISP, since customized firmware version was controlled by the owned ISP.
  • SEJSEJ Posts: 44  Junior Member
    I can find the generic firmware version V5.13(AAYC.5)C0 on Zyxel US website now.
    If your VMG4825 uses AAYC version, you can upgrade.
  • sfm153sfm153 Posts: 1

    Was recently provided with this Modem/Router (VMG4825-B10A) by Consolidated Communications and it currently shows V5.11(ABFT.1)C0 as the firmware version.
    Also could not find this model on the site.
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