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ICMP - enabling pinging the Multy X

SteviewevieSteviewevie Posts: 10  Junior Member
edited May 2018 in Ideas
Is there any way to enable ICMP? Right now my Multy X doesn't seem to respond to pings from outside.



  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 247  Zyxel Moderator
    Multy APP is able to remote access your Multy X WiFi System.
    May we know what is your purpose about ping from outside?
  • SteviewevieSteviewevie Posts: 10  Junior Member
    I'm trying to setup a status monitor for my broadband - the Broadband Quality Monitor at thinkbroadband.com. This pings your broadband over a period of time and builds a graph that you can use to show your broadband supplier if you think you're having problems. So responding to ping is necessary to make this work. Thanks.
  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 247  Zyxel Moderator
    Thank you for the feedback.
    To avoid being attacked, ICMP respond to Ping on WAN is disabled.
  • SteviewevieSteviewevie Posts: 10  Junior Member
    Please consider adding a switch to enable ICMP to be turned on if necessary, e.g. for testing of broadband problems. I can understand the default being off.
  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 247  Zyxel Moderator
    Thank your for the feature request. We will evaluate it. :)
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