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Connection list in bridge mode

webminsterwebminster Posts: 2  Junior Member
edited May 2018 in Ideas
I understand that the MultyX app will not show a list of connected devices while running in bridge mode.   Why?  And is this on a roadmap to be implemented in the near future?

Other mesh systems display this info, and obviously the MultyX has the connection information for each node (client MAC or IP, radio band).   This is obviously useful for auditing and troubleshooting.  I could operate in NAT mode, but I don't want to NAT on my LAN.



  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 247  Zyxel Moderator
    Due to limit by the router information, Multy X that is bridge mode cannot detect all devices information. This is design limitation. You can use the router to see all devices list as well.
  • webminsterwebminster Posts: 2  Junior Member
    Which router?  The MultyX router isn't in play because of bridge mode, and the upstream router can't see which clients are wireless, which band, which MultyX unit.  This is a pretty bad design limitation - Eero and Orbi implement this.
  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 247  Zyxel Moderator
    Thanks for your feature request in Multy X.
    We will evaluate this feature about connection list in bridge mode to implement in the future version.
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