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VMG8924-B10A LAN Ports Intermittent Failure

MobileWASPMobileWASP Posts: 2  Junior Member
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The LAN ports fail intermittently, however, the WiFi continues to work. When the LAN ports fail, the internet connectivity is lost only on the LAN ports. A restart of the router fixes this temporarily. 

Any suggestions on why this is happening?



  • AAAALAAAAL Posts: 125  Warrior Member
    edited May 2018

    Hi MobileWASP,

    May I know more information about “LAN ports fail intermittently” you mention?

    1. When the issue happens, please check if LAN IP is existed or not. And how about LED of LAN port?   

    2. Does it happen on specific LAN port? How often this problem has occurred ?

    3. What is firmware version of your device now ?

  • MobileWASPMobileWASP Posts: 2  Junior Member

    1. Will revert when I have the problem again as I replaced with a TP Link router to isolate the problem. Definitely Zyxel router issue because the TP link was stable for 10 consecutive days
    2. Any port. I tried swapping ports each time previously.
    3. Current Firmware Version: 1.00(AAKL.21)C0
  • SonicmSonicm Posts: 5  Junior Member

    I would also like to report this issue, Ive spent a lot of time getting to the bottom of this. The issue is 100% related to the routers network ports. I’m not sure if its getting over loaded but memory seems to be stuck at at least 60% I am also now using a TPLink switch box next to the router thinking that maybe having 4 1gig lan cables plugged in was overloading the router. But the problem seems to be the same with 1 lan cable plugged in and the TPLink sitting next to it. It’s gone again today and rectified but swapping over from port 3 to port 1 on the router. My ISP have sent me another router to try to fix the issue and I will try swapping it over this week but fear the issue maybe hardware or maybe the router itself just cannot handle the traffic I am putting though it?

  • AAAALAAAAL Posts: 125  Warrior Member

    Hi Sonicm,

    Is your router also VMG8924-B10A with firmware 1.00(AAKL.21)C0 ?

    Could you tell more detail for “a TPLink switch box next to the router” ? Can I assume that is connected to the VMG LAN side ? If yes, you have a large traffic in that LAN port, then it goes down, am I correct ?

    How many clients and how large traffic have you connect / create in the VMG LAN side ?

  • SonicmSonicm Posts: 5  Junior Member

    Yes that is the correct router with the firmware 1.00(AAKL.21)C0 on it too. Yes Wifi seems to be Ok and is not effected but I work from home so a lot of traffic goes though the wired ports of the router, I would say with all the connected devices in the house about 20ish devices are wired up at peak times.

    Tonight it is happening again, The CPU bounces between 10% and 60% the memory is constantly at 60% the nat traffic is about 1% as I write this.

    The TPLink Switch box next to the router was put there as plugging 4x1Gig lan cables in also did the same thing so I wondered if I had a dodgy port so though would try a single socked but all that happens now is i spend all my time moving from port 1 to 2, then 2 3 etc each time it stops working.

    The Switch box next to the router is one of about 4 in the house but particaully this one is the model TL-SG1005D Gigabit switch.

    I have been sent a replacement router as my ISP who supplied it suspect its faulty, I can try that but my feeling at the moment is that the router cannot handle the traffic I'm putting though it?

    Any help would be appreciated

  • AAAALAAAAL Posts: 125  Warrior Member

    Hi Sonicm,

    You used your new VMG8924-B1A, but this issue still happened ?

    May I know what’s your WAN side bandwidth ? Is it also able to run the speed up to 1Gbps ?

    If possible for we remove some devices, this problem will happen or not ?

  • SonicmSonicm Posts: 5  Junior Member

    I have now plugged in the new router and so far in the past few days i've had one failure. Saying that 2 days have passed (fingers crossed) without issue. Sorry I dont understand what a WAN side bandwidth is ?

  • AAAALAAAAL Posts: 125  Warrior Member
    Hi Sonicm,

    You can check your WAN side data rate via the GUI page : 

    Connection Status -> States -> Information Status -> Rate

    When the issue happened, what’s the value display in that LAN port?

  • SonicmSonicm Posts: 5  Junior Member

    It's always been 1000M / Full and was when it stopped working. As I say I now have the new router which has been up for 4 days 15 hours so far so hope the issue was a dud router?


  • AAAALAAAAL Posts: 125  Warrior Member

    Hi Sonicm,

    Maybe you can share your WAN side Rate value?

    If you have this issue next time, could you try to ping the router gateway (e.g. to look if that would succeed or not?

    Thank you.

  • SonicmSonicm Posts: 5  Junior Member
    Hi all good so far, yes when it went you could no longer ping the router from wired connection, Wifi was fine though.
    Thanks for the help.
  • BonsaipandaBonsaipanda Posts: 1  Junior Member
    edited September 2018
    I have this same issue and I have noticed that when the Bytes In or Bytes Out hits the maximum integer value, the port fails. Might be logging related, don't really know - all I know is that it's pretty annoying at times. 

    If it is a bug in logging, changing the value type from integer to long should fix it (on the developer side).

  • YeKKuYeKKu Posts: 93  Warrior Member

    Hi Bonsaipanda,


    That’s a great discovery in VMG8924.

    Just want to know if we wait for a while, will that value turn back to 0?

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