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Armor Z2 5g Wireless disappears

chrisgbyrdchrisgbyrd Posts: 3  Junior Member
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since updating to the last two updates, my 5g Wireless disappears and you cannot connect to it.  2.4 is fine. Any ideas?



  • HillHill Posts: 66  Warrior Member
    // since updating to the last two updates
    Is "V1.00(ABCS.8)C0"?
    // my 5g Wireless disappears and you cannot connect to it
    Which 5G channel do you use? Auto Channel Selection or Fixed Channel? Do you try to use another wireless client to search it?
  • rijckhartrijckhart Posts: 2  Junior Member
    Me to :(
  • HillHill Posts: 66  Warrior Member
    Hi rijckhart,

    Can you explain more detail information about the problem?

    Do you know what is your 5GHz channel on NBG6817?
    If it is using Auto Channel Selection, what is the channel?
    Or which channel you set? Do you try to change another channel?
  • rijckhartrijckhart Posts: 2  Junior Member
    i have set on channel 100 en it working richt now, start take 10 min :D
  • HillHill Posts: 66  Warrior Member
    DFS channel: 52, 56, 60, 64, 100, 104, 108, 112, 116, 120, 124, 128, 132, 136, 140.

    The 5GHz channel of NBG6817 may choose a DFS channel during its initial state, so your client device will not be able to find its wireless network for a while.

    If the device is already operating on a DFS channel and radar signals are detected you will encounter disconnection, however the connection can be restored after a while.
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