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MYSQL root password change

Roger_WaldripRoger_Waldrip Posts: 10  Junior Member
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I want to change the MYSQL root password on my Zyxel NAS540 (and also whatever changes I need to make to phpMyAdmin to then access the MYSQL server).
I have entered the following line into mysql sql command box from within the phpMyAdmin app but just get an error.  Where password is 1234 and the making a new password.

mysqladmin --user=root --password=oldpassword password "newpassword"

I get the following error. #1064

Also, what changes do I need to make to phpMyAdmin to make it work with the new password.

Roger L. Waldrip



  • IjnrsiIjnrsi Posts: 254  Advanced Warrior Member
    Try access phpMyAdmin page with use http://NAS_IP:5000/pkg/phpmyadmin to modify the password.

  • Roger_WaldripRoger_Waldrip Posts: 10  Junior Member
    Where on/in the phpMyAdmin web app do I do this?  I can bring the phpMyAdmin page up and it seems it work, but I see no where to change the root password.
  • IjnrsiIjnrsi Posts: 254  Advanced Warrior Member
    After login phpMyadmin, you can see the item as "Change Password", then click it to change your mySQL password.

    Or you can go "Users" and "Edit Privileges" for root

    This part should meet your requirement.
  • Roger_WaldripRoger_Waldrip Posts: 10  Junior Member
    Got it.  I don't know how I missed it.  Thank you so much.
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